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Technical Interview Questions and Answers :: Oracle Apps HRMS

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    What is the role of Document Manager in Oracle Purchasing?

    POXCON is an immediate concurrent program. It receives pipe signal from theapplication when a request is made for approval/reservations/receipts.


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    What is the difference between an API and a publicly callable API?

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    How to debug a document manager in Oracle Apps?

    Document manger runs within the concurrent manager in Oracle Applications.  When an application uses a Document Manager, it sends a pipe signal which is picked up by the document manager.

    There are two mechanisms by which to trace the document manager

    1. Set the debugging on by using profile option

        STEP 1. Set profile option "Concurrent:Debug Flags" to TCTM1

        This profile should only generate debugs when set at Site level(I think, as I have only tried site), because Document Manager runs    in a different session.

        STEP 2. Bounce the Document Managers

        STEP 3. Retry the Workflow to generate debugs.

        STEP 4. Reset profile option "Concurrent:Debug Flags" to blank

        STEP 5. have a look at debug information in table fnd_concurrent_debug_info

    2. Enable tracing for the document managers

    This can be done by setting profile option “Initialization SQL Statement – Custom” against your username before reproducing the issue. The value of this profile will be set so as to enable trace using event 10046, level 12.

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    What are the minimum classifications to create a Business Group?

    • Business Group

    • GRE/Legal Entity

    •  HR Organization

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    What are the Pre-Requisites for creating a Business Group?

    (i) Value Sets
    (ii) Key Flex fields
    (iii) Location

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    What is the use of HR Organization?

    If we want to assign the employee information to a Business Group then we need to have HR Organization classification under a Business Group.

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    What is People Group?

    (i) It is a Flexible area for holding user-defined assignment data.
    (ii) Data can be used for grouping sets of assignment together.
    (iii) People group can be used for Element eligibility.
    (iv) This information is used by the Payroll Run.
    (v) The data will be held in PAY_PEOPLE_GROUPS.
    (vi) GROUP_NAME field holds the concatenation of Segment data.

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    What is the DFF structure for EIT?

    (i) Extra Person Information
    (ii) Assignment Extra Information
    (iii) Extra Location Information
    (iv) Extra Position Information
    (v) Extra Job Information
    (vi) Organization Developer DF

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    How to enable EIT?

    Switch Responsibility to ‘Human Resources, Vision Enterprises’

    Double click on ‘Security’

    Click on ‘Information Types’

    Create your own ‘Information Types’ under your ‘Responsibility Name’.

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    How to enable SIT?

    Switch Responsibility to ‘Human Resources, Vision Enterprises’

    Double click on ‘Other Definitions’

    Click on ‘Special Information Types’

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