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Technical Interview Questions and Answers :: WebMethod

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    What is purpose of scope in branch step?

    Scope property is use to define name of the document in the pipeline. To restrict pipeline access to only the data in this document

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    What is ordered notification?

    Ordered Notification - An OrderedNotification publishes notification data for multiple insert, update, or delete

    operations on multiple tables. You configure notifications using Developer or Designer

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    What are way to reload packages?

    We can reload package in following ways.

    1) From Administrator page we can reload Package

    2) From Designer also we can reload package.

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    What is UDDI?

    A UDDI registry (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) is an XML-based registry for businesses worldwide to list themselves on the Internet. It allows users to view, find, and share web services.

    When working with a UDDI registry from Designer you can:

    Discover the web services published in a UDDI registry.

    Designer displays a list of the web services that are published in a UDDI registry. By default, Designer displays all published services, but you can use a filter to limit the number of services shown.

    Incorporate a web service into Integration Server.

    You can incorporate a web service in the UDDI registry into your integration solution by creating a consumer web service descriptor from the web service. Designer automatically generates a web service connector for each operation in the web service, which can be invoked in the same way as any other IS service.

    Publish services to a UDDI registry.

    You can make a service that resides on Integration Server (such as a flow service, Java service, C service, or adapter service) available as an operation of a web service and then publish the web service to a UDDI registry.

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    What are components of WSDL?

    An WSDL document describes a web service. It specifies the location of the service, and the methods of the service, using these major elements:

    Element      Description

         Defines the (XML Schema) data types used by the web service

      Defines the data elements for each operation

       Describes the operations that can be performed and the messages involved.

       Defines the protocol and data format for each port type

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    How to invoke service by browser?

    To Invoke service from browser Use a URL in the form:


    (the package name is not part of the URL in any way)

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    What is diff between web service use in v6.5 & 7.1?

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    What is specification?

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    What is purpose of format service specification?

    pub.flatfile:FormatService - Gives you the flexibility to change the values in the flat file to the defined format.

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    Is it possible to sort data using select adapter service?

    Yes We can sort data using select adapter service.While creating Select adapter service , there is an option to select Sort Order. Using that option you can sort the column based on ascending or descending. Screen shot below for reference.

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