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Technical Interview Questions and Answers :: Operating System

The interviewers do not plan on asking any particular during an interview, but the one topic every interviewer asks a couple of questions on is OPERATING SYSTEM especially at the Freshers level. Preparing on this subject will not only benefit you now but in the long run. And the collection of Operating System Interview Questions and Answers - Q4Interveiw.com questions with explanations here will help you encounter questions that were asked in some or the other interviews at a point of time. Also, if you preparing for a particular company, every question contains a tag which indicates where were the asked, or you can go to the company wise section too. Not only for job seekers, but the college students who want to be on their toes for next opportunity can refer to these.

It is always good to check your knowledge before attending your interview, and for this, there is "TO READING LIST feature, create your customised list of questions which you can refer at any time. In an interview, it generally starts with the basic concepts and later they continue based on further discussion and what you answer.