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Technical Interview Questions and Answers :: EDI

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    What is the difference between electronic data interchange provided by an EDI VAN and Internet EDI?

    VAN a Value Added Network, often referred to as an EDI VAN, is a private network dedicated to the secure exchange of EDI data.  Trading partners obtain an account with an EDI VAN such as GXS VAN, Sterling, EDS/ELIT, COVISINT INTERCONNECT etc.  This account serves as an electronic mailbox for sending and receiving electronic documents.            
    Internet EDI is another way of communication, it’s similar to OFTP2. You r partner can send you the data to your server via Internet or vice versa.

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    What are different EDI Standards and Application Standards Formats?

     EDI Standard : ANSI X12, UCS, EDIFACT, VDA, TREDACOM etc.
    Application Format Standard : IDoc, Delimited Files, CSV etc.

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    How do I know what type of file I received?

    The ST segment is the transaction set header. The ST purpose is to indicate the start of a transaction set. The ST01 is the Transaction Set Identifier Code. The ST01 uniquely identifies a transaction set. The ST01 will identify if a file is a 997, 835 or 277.

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    How do I know if my file was accepted?

    AK5*A~                               ß AK501 = A, transaction set accepted
    A – Accepted
    E – Accepted with Errors
    R – Rejected

    AK9*A*1*1*1~                ß AK901 = A, file accepted

    A - Accepted
    E - Accepted, But Errors Were Noted.
    P - Partially Accepted, At Least One Transaction Set Was Rejected
    R - Rejected

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    What do I do if my file is rejected (AK501 not = A or E and AK901 not = A or E)?

    Contact the trading partner to resend the file.

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    What is AS1, AS2 and AS3?

    AS1 : AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is a specification about how to transport data securely and reliably over the Internet

    AS2 : AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is a specification about how to transport data securely and reliably over the Internet. Security is achieved by using digital certificates and encryption.

    Files are sent as "attachments" in a specially coded SMIME message (an AS2 message)
    AS2 messages are always sent using the HTTP or HTTPS protocol (Secure Sockets Layer — also known as SSL — is implied by HTTPS) and usually use the "POST" method (use of "GET" is rare).
    AS3 : AS3 (Applicability Statement 3) is the draft specification standard by which vendor applications communicate EDI (or other data such as XML) over the Internet using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

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    Describe the Transaction Set Flow for a Retail Business?

    Step 1-Pre-Ordering
                    Request for quotation                                   840
                    Response to request for quotation          843
    Step 2-Ordering
                    Purchase Order                                                850
                    Acknowledge Purchase Order                    855
                    Change Purchase Order                                                860
                    Acknowledge Change Purchase Order   865
    Step 3-Physical Distribution
                    Notify Shipment                                               856
    Step 4-Billing-Self-Billing/Payments
                    Process Invoice                                                 810
                    Process Invoice (Credit / Debit)                812
                    Show Payment Status                                    820

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    What is difference between 855 and 997 TS?

    855 : Used to provide for customary and established business and industry practice relative to a seller's acknowledgment of a buyer's purchase order.
    855 is acknowledge for 850

    997 : Used to define the control structures for a set of acknowledgments to indicate the results of the syntactical analysis of the electronically encoded documents. 997 generally indicates EDI standard problems rather than business rule errors
                    997 is Acknowledge for all transaction.

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    what is 824 TS?

    It result of error checking by the trading partner's business application program.

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    Can a 997 TS is used to acknowledge 997 TS?

    No, it will cause an infinite loop.

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