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TCS NQT Technical and Managerial Round Interview Questions

Technical Interview Questions and Answers :: WebMethod

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    What is RNAMEs in UM?

    An RNAME is used by Universal Messaging Clients to specify how a connection should be made to a Universal Messaging Realm Server.
    RNAME string looks like:

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    What is JNDI and its uses?

    It stands for Java Naming and Directory Interface. JNDI allows distributed applications to look up services in an abstract, resource-independent way.The most common use case is to set up a database connection pool on a Java EE application server. Any application that's deployed on that server can gain access to the connections they need using the JNDI name java: /env/FooBarPool without having to know the details about the connection.

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    What is JMS Connection Factories?

    A connection factory is the object a client uses to create a connection to a provider. A connection factory encapsulates a set of connection configuration parameters that has been defined by an administrator. Each connection factory is an instance of the ConnectionFactory, QueueConnectionFactory, or TopicConnectionFactory interface. To learn how to create connection factories, see To Create JMS Administered Objects for the Synchronous Receive Example.

    At the beginning of a JMS client program, you usually inject a connection factory resource into a ConnectionFactory object. For example, the following code fragment specifies a resource whose JNDI name is jms/ConnectionFactory and assigns it to a ConnectionFactory object:
    @Resource(lookup = "jms/ConnectionFactory")
    private static ConnectionFactory connectionFactory;
    In a Java EE application, JMS administered objects are normally placed in the jms naming sub context.

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    What is durable subscription?

    To ensure that a pub/sub application receives all published messages, use PERSISTENT delivery mode for the publishers. In addition, use durable subscriptions for the subscribers.
    A durable subscriber registers a durable subscription by specifying a unique identity that is retained by the JMS provider. Subsequent subscriber objects that have the same identity resume the subscription in the state in which it was left by the preceding subscriber. If a durable subscription has no active subscriber, the JMS provider retains the subscription’s messages until they are received by the subscription or until they expire.

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    What is Topics and Queue in UM?

    Topics: A JMS topic is the type of destination in a 1-to-many model of distribution. The same published message is received by all-consuming subscribers. You can also call this the 'broadcast' model. You can think of a topic as the equivalent of a Subject in an Observer design pattern for distributed computing. Some JMS providers efficiently choose to implement this as UDP instead of TCP. For topic's the message delivery is 'fire-and-forget' - if no one listens, the message just disappears. If that's not what you want, you can use 'durable subscriptions'.

    Queue : A JMS queue is a 1-to-1 destination of messages. The message is received by only one of the consuming receivers (please note: consistently using subscribers for 'topic client's and receivers for queue client's avoids confusion). Messages sent to a queue are stored on disk or memory until someone picks it up or it expires. So queues (and durable subscriptions) need some active storage management, you need to think about slow consumers.

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    What is NHP and NSP in UM?

    It is a Communication protocol used between IS

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