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What is UDDI?


A UDDI registry (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) is an XML-based registry for businesses worldwide to list themselves on the Internet. It allows users to view, find, and share web services.

When working with a UDDI registry from Designer you can:

Discover the web services published in a UDDI registry.

Designer displays a list of the web services that are published in a UDDI registry. By default, Designer displays all published services, but you can use a filter to limit the number of services shown.

Incorporate a web service into Integration Server.

You can incorporate a web service in the UDDI registry into your integration solution by creating a consumer web service descriptor from the web service. Designer automatically generates a web service connector for each operation in the web service, which can be invoked in the same way as any other IS service.

Publish services to a UDDI registry.

You can make a service that resides on Integration Server (such as a flow service, Java service, C service, or adapter service) available as an operation of a web service and then publish the web service to a UDDI registry.

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