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Explain exit step? what are properties used in exit step?


The EXIT flow step allows you to exit the entire flow service or a single flow step. You specify whether you want to exit from:

The nearest ancestor (parent) LOOP or REPEAT flow step to the EXIT flow step.

The parent flow step of the EXIT flow step.

A specified ancestor flow step to the EXIT flow step.

The entire flow service.

Properties used in exit step

Exit from- The flow step from which you want to exit. Specify any one of $loop, $parent $flow Label.

Signal - Whether the exit is to be considered a success or a failure.Specify one of the following:

Specify… To…

SUCCESS Exit the flow service or flow step with a success condition.

FAILURE Exit the flow service or flow step with a failure condition. An exception is thrown after the exit. You specify the error message with the Failure message property.

Failure message The text of the exception message you want to display. If you want to use the value of a pipeline variable for this property, type the variable name between % symbols (for example,%mymessage%).

This property is not used when Signal is set to SUCCESS

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