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How does jdbc notification works explain


An adapter notification monitors a specified database table for changes, such as an insert, update, or delete operation, so that the appropriate Java or flow services can make use of the data, such as sending an invoice or publishing it to the Integration Server.
JDBC Adapter notifications are polling-based. That is, the Integration Server will invoke the notification periodically based on the polling interval that you specify when you schedule the notification.

Enabled: The polling notification performs as scheduled.
Suspended: The polling notification is removed from the scheduler but the database trigger and buffer table are not dropped.
Disabled: The polling notification is removed from the scheduler and the database trigger and buffer table are dropped.

Adapter Notification Templates
The JDBC Adapter provides the following adapter notification templates:

Notification Type

Notification Template


Insert Notification Insert NotificationPublishes notification of insert operations on a database table.
Update NotificationUpdate NotificationPublishes notification of update operations on a database table.
Delete NotificationDelete Notification Publishes Notification of delete operations on a database table.
Basic Notification Basic NotificationPolls a database table for data using a SQL Select operation.
Stored ProcedureStored Procedure NotificationPublishes notification data by calling a stored procedure inside of a database.
Ordered NotificationOrdered Notification Publishes notification data for multiple insert, update, or delete operations on multiple tables for a given database.

Most adapter notifications, such as Insert Notifications and Update Notifications, can use the Exactly Once notification feature. This feature ensures that notification data will not be duplicated even if a failure occurs during processing. This is achieved by assigning unique IDs for each publishable document. After a processing failure, the Integration Server checks for duplicate records in storage and ignores any duplicate IDs.

Note: Stored Procedure Notifications do not support the Exactly Once notification feature because they do not use publishable document unique IDs

Notification Types
There are six types of notifications: Insert, Update, Delete, Basic, Stored Procedure, and Ordered Notifications. They vary in how they are structured and operate, as described in the following sections.
Insert Notifications, Update Notifications, and Delete Notifications use a combination of triggers and buffer tables to capture events that happen on specific tables in a database. You configure the triggers and buffer tables when you configure the notifications.
These types of notifications operate similarly, with the exception of the type of SQL operation (insert, update, or delete) that they monitor. The adapter creates the trigger and buffer table when you enable a notification. The buffer table, which you specified when you configured the notification, holds the data selected by the trigger. There are no special size constraints for the buffer tables. The trigger monitors the database table you specified when you configured the notification and inserts data into the buffer table. When you disable a notification, the adapter drops the trigger and buffer table.When you enable a notification, the database trigger monitors the table and inserts the data into the buffer table. When the Integration Server invokes the notification, it retrieves the rows of data from the buffer table, publishes each row in the notifications publishable document, and then removes this row from the buffer table.After you enable these types of notifications, the trigger and buffer table remain in the database table when you: Shut down the Integration Server Disable the package containing the enabled notification Reload the package containing the enabled notification Suspend the notification.

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