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    What is an Iterator ? How do you traverse through a collection using its Iterator?

    Iterator allows to traverse the collection and also it has methods which enables to obatin or remove elements. ListIterator adds the feature of traversing the list bi-directionally, also modify the elememts.

    Eg.: Iterator itr = al.iterator();

           while(itr.hasNext()) {}

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    What is the List interface?

    List is subinterface of collection interface 

    List is objects can be stored in sequencelly order 

    List objects can be stored in index or access by its index

    List is preserve the order of insertion.

    List duplicate objects can be stored and also null insertion is allowed.

    list is 3 implemention classes

    1.ArrayList Class

    2.LinkedList Class

    3.Vector Class

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    What are the advantages of ArrayList over arrays ?

    arrays store only primitive type values and arraylist store primitive type

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    What are the differences between C and C++?

    1. C can run most of the code of C, but C can't run C code.

    2. C supports procedural programming paradigm whereas C supports both procedural and object oriented programming paradigm.

    3. C is a function driven and C is an object driven language.

    4. C doesn't allow function definitions within structures whereas in C function definition can be within structures.

    5. C doesn't support reference variables but C does support. 

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    Why multiple inheritance is not supported in java?

    Multiple inheritence is not supported in Java because of ambuiguity that it causes.

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    Object cloning, clone() is the method available in Java for object duplication. In java, assignment operator only copies the reference and not the object. clone() is used for this.

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    What is Exception Handling? What is difference between Checked Exception and Unchecked Exception?

    An exception is a problem that arisesduring excecution. Checked exceptions are the exceptions that gets checked at the compile time. Unchecked exceptions are not checked at compile time, in Java all exceptions are unchecked exceptions.

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    What is the difference between declaration and definition?

    In C , function declaration is means telling the compiler that a function occurs but there's no definition given to it. When in the program, the function with definition is given, it's known as function definition.

    For eg.: void display();//function declaration

    void display){ cout<<"Function Definition";}//Function Definition

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    How can we access private members of a classs?

    By using a friend function.
    A friend function has access to all private and protected members of the class for which it is a friend.

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    What are the major Differences between JAVA and C++ ?

    1. C supports pointers, Java doesn't.

    2. Multiple inheritence is supported in C but not in Java.

    3. Java has built-in support for threads whereas C doesn't have built-in support for threads.

    4. No destructors in Java but C has them.

    5. C supports both method and operator overloading, Java only supports method overloading.

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