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A pet shop owner sells two puppies at the same price. On one he makes a profit of 25% and on the other, he suffers a loss of 25%. Find his loss or gain percent on the whole transaction.
Here, the SP is same.
CP Profit/Loss SP
100 +25 125 --- x 3
100 -25 75 --- x 5
300 +75 375
500 -125 375
------ ---------
800 -50
Hence, Loss% = \(\frac{50}{100}\) x 100
= 6.25% Ans.
Loss% = \(\frac{Loss}{100}\) x 100
The question has been solved by a very simple shortcut. It is given that the SP is the same. So, we will do the calculation and make the SP same. Some steps are given to solve this:
1.Consider the CP of both to be Rs. 100.
2.Now, add Profit to one CP and subtract the loss from another CP. After, doing this we will get SP of both.
3. Now, in order to make both the SP same, multiply whole CP and profit/loss, with a suitable number.
4. Now, the SP will become the same and accordingly, profit% or loss% will be obtained.
5. Hence, we get the answer.

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