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Choose the correct option.

There are 3 classes having 20, 24 and 30 students respectively having average marks in an examination as 20, 25 and 30 respectively. The three classes are represented by A, B and C and you have the following information about the three classes.

a. In class A highest score is 22 and lowest score is 18

b. In class B highest score is 31 and lowest score is 23

c. In class C highest score is 33 and lowest score is 26.

If five students are transferred from A to B, what can be said about the average score of A; and what will happen to the average score of C in a transfer of 5 students from B to C?

Adefinite decrease in both cases

Bcan't be determined in both cases

Cdefinite increase in both cases

Dwill remain constant in both cases

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