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  • Lazy people need to be smart

    Four glasses are placed on the corners of a square Lazy Susan (a square plate which can rotate about its center). Some of the glasses are upright (up) and some upside-down (down).

    A blindfolded person is seated next to the Lazy Susan and is required to re-arrange the glasses so that they are all up or all down, either arrangement being acceptable (which will be signaled by say ringing of a bell).

    The glasses may be rearranged in turns with the subject to the following rules: Any two glasses may be inspected in one turn and after feeling their orientation the person may reverse the orientation of either, neither or both glasses. After each turn, the Lazy Susan is rotated through a random angle.

    The puzzle is to devise an algorithm which allows the blindfolded person to ensure that all glasses have the same orientation (either up or down) in a finite number of turns. (The algorithm must be deterministic, i.e. non-probabilistic )

    Explanation :
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    Asked In : Alcatel-Lucent

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