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37. Write a code to implement memcpy.


The memcpy function is used to copy a block of data from a source address to a destination address. The prototype for memcpy is

void * memcpy(void * destination, const void * source, size_t num);


void myMemCpy(void *dest, void *src, size_t n)
// Typecast src and dest addresses to (char *)
char *csrc = (char *)src;
char *cdest = (char *)dest;

// Copy contents of src[] to dest[]
for (int i=0; i cdest[i] = csrc[i];

int main()
char csrc[] = "broadcom interview";
char cdest[100];
myMemCpy(cdest, csrc, strlen(csrc)+1);
printf("Copied string is %s", cdest);
return 0;

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