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40. What will be the packet format of PFC control packet.


64-byte MAC control frame is used by both IEEE 802.3x PAUSE and PFC. In both cases, numeric values can be used to describe the requested duration of PAUSE. However, since PFC acts independently on eight different CoSs,  the frame describes the PAUSE duration for each CoS.

The PAUSE duration for each CoS is a 2-byte value that expresses time as a number of quanta, where each represents the time needed to transmit 512 bits at the current network speed. A PAUSE duration of zero quanta has the special meaning of unpausing a CoS. Typical implementations will not try to guess a specific duration for PAUSE, instead relying on the X-ON and X-OFF style behavior that can be obtained by setting PAUSE for a large number of quanta and then explicitly resuming traffic when appropriate.

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