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Up the Down Staircase

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" It is very interesting topic which we are going to discuss. Up the down staircase signifies that there is no success without any failure. As the stairs in the staircase can lead you upward as well as downwards. Down the staircase signifies the problems that suppress us in doing good things. Whereas up the staircase means that we must find the way to turn the difficult situations in our life into our strength and keep working on it so that we succeed in our life. We must make our failure as our weapon for success. A staircase also resembles a human lifecycle that there are many ups and downs in any human being's life and also as walking upward the staircase requires effort, in a similar manner getting success in our life requires a lot of efforts and hard work. One should not get tired of the failures rather he should work upon it and make their dreams come true. "

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