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1.u drve to d store at 20kmph and return by the same route at 30kmph. Discounting the time spent at the store,what was ur average speed?
2.u have a mug that can hold 5 lits and ajug that can hold 3 lits. u have no other containers, and there are no markings on the jugs. u need to obtain exactly 7 lits of water from a tap, how u will do it?
3.Wimbledon is a knockout tennis tournament with 128 players patricipating. How many min matches are played before the champion is crowned?
4.A clock's hour hand and min hand overlap each other at 12:00pm i,e, angle of overlap is 0 degrees. What is the next closet time at which the hour hand and minute hand are aligned in a straight line(180 degrees between each other)
5.Ann, Benn,Cathy and dave are at their monthly business meeting. Their occupuations are author,biologist,chemist,and doctr, but not necessarily in the order. Dave just told the biologist that cathy was on her way with doughtnuts. Ann is sitting across from the doctor and next to the chemist. The doctor was thinking that Benn was a goofy name for parents to choose, but didn't say anything. Whats each person occupation?
6. u have 3 bags and 3 labels, in one bag has only chocolate bars and one bag has only caramel and in other bag both chocolate and caramel is present. 3 labels are chocolate and caramel and chocolate and caramel labels are need to stick each one with their respective bags only, but unfournately the machine does it wrong all three bags i,e labelled the labels all wrong. how many minimum number one should pick and form what bags to correct the labels.
7. one question about cards arrangement, we have 3x3 matrix and we have 4 different colored cards we need to arrange according to given conditions(didnt remember properly but easy)
8. one question about birthdate finding, kindly go through puzzlesworld.com for entire question same question.
9.one question based on racing and drivers didnt remember well
10. I forgot this puzzle
4 questions apti easy to answer u can go through ages,simplification, and others topics from rs agarwal.
5 questions from tables...i mean they will give one table data we need to answer accordingly we can do it easily.
Mail writing:
U need to write an email on behalf of nineleaps company to steve as a client for asking login details on what way we need to design like that.