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  • MAQ Software-Bangalore Feb 2016 off campus
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## MAQ Software Interview Experience ##

i applied through referral drive posted in this group on 16th Feb 2016 and i got call from maq softwares on 20th feb 16 and they scheduled my interview on 23rd feb 16 and after almost 30days i got cal from maq softwares on 31st march 16 they said i cleared 1st round and scheduled 2nd round(1st technical) on 1st April 16 and after finishing 1st technical round. may be after an hour got cal from them .. and said i have cleared that round and again scheduled 3rd round( 2nd technical) on 2nd April 16. after finishing this round after an hour got cal from them and scheduled next round( managerial round) on 4th April 16. after that 5th April 16 i got call and yes.. i selected for MAQ softwares.. :)

All the rounds have been conducted via Skype ( Total 4 rounds)

1st round (Programming round):
we wil be given any 3 programs and we need to attend any 2 out of 3. i got 1st 3 pgms mentioned below. it was gud so after finishing these pgms. we have to mail to HR. so she wil fwd our pgms to technical panel.. so if our code / logic is correct den we ll be shortlisted n wl get cal.

# Pgm to find Nth smallest number in the series?
# Integer to hexadecimal convert pgm?
# Print all digits as words without using if and switch?

2nd round (1st technical round):
This is easy if u gud in basics .They ll ask mainly from Resume. academic project. sql joins, acid properties, constraints, keys, DDL n DML statements, Datastructures questions. OOPS concepts . basics of JAVA. Puzzle. and general topic questions lyk latest windows features , html, css etc.

3rd round (2nd Technical round):
This is difficult bcoz they have asked to write programs ... project code, complex sql queries.. and the above topics in depth. and puzzles.. i thnk this might be a main elimination round.

4th round (Managerial Round):
They asked SQL questions.. Cloud .. Puzzle ..difference B/w privacy and security... authentication and authorization difference. and verification and validation difference. they may give u a scenario and tel us to mention errors or test cases. so this is the last round.

last bt not least i like to appreciate the way MAQ softwares conducting all the interview rounds in skype.