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Placement Paper :: Tavant Technologies

  • Tavant Technologies-VIT campus, vellore (T.N)
Total View : 985
I applied through college and I had my in VIT campus, vellore. First round was AMCAT with VERBAL, LOGICAL, APTITUDE AND PROGRAMING ROUND,
450 people attended this round from this 65 got shortlisted for technical HR round. Senior employees of the company came to interview us,
the panel consisted of 3 technical HR'S AND ONE HR. By afternoon they gave presentation and compensation details and asked us attend the rounds.

Technical Interview:
I waited from 1.30 p.m to 9 p.m, get my self interviewed .

but INTERVIEWER was friendly and helping.
1. area of interest
2. questions from resume
3. how much u ll rate urself on programming out of 5
4. explain about ur project
5. 8086 architecture
6. string manipulations without using inbuild functions not even simple inbuilt function
and he asked me to try the same program in different styles
7. puzzle:
1.fake coin from a bag of 12 coins using physical balance
2.sand clock puzzle..given 5 mins and 3 mins sand clock, asked to device 1 minute clock

after this he asked me to wait for results...
@ 9.30-9,40 PM I was called for HR ROUND/
1. asked about my family
2, my intrests..etc
3. explained about company and regarding relocation
4. asked me to wait for results