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  • Accenture-Gitam University, September 2016
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Hello to everyone who all are reading this.

Accenture has good profile worldwide. If you get a chance to get into this company do put in your best. They came to our campus on 15th September and we had our aptitude test on the same day. The test had 3 sections namely quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, and verbal ability. Accenture people who visited our campus are very cool. It was on campus recruitment process more than 900 students appeared for the online exam. It is a two-day process, the first day the test was conducted by Merittrac. The test is 1 hour after PPT.

Coming to paper pattern it consists of 4 stages

1) Written test
2) Group discussion
3) Technical interview
4) HR interview

Coming to the written test, it consists of 55 questions and time limit is 60 minutes.
THERE IS NO NEGATIVE MARKING. It consists of 3 sections:

1st section Verbal Ability: 20 questions

In this section, there will be fill in the blanks with the correct words, synonyms, articles, prepositions and two passages which will have 5 to 6 questions from it (1 essay on SQL SERVER and another on features of SQL)

2nd section Quantitative Ability: 25 questions

It has mathematical problems from R.S. Aggarwal.

It consists of:
5-7 questions on the Venn diagrams and 5 questions on the binary conversion
2 questions on the blood relations and 5 questions on the data sufficiency
3 questions on the combination of blood relations and seating arrangements (like puzzle)

3rd section Attention Details: 10 questions

In this around 3 questions are like this below:

A) if all are the 1,2,3 are alike
B) if 1&2 are alike
C) if 1 & 3 are alike
D) None

1)121561 2)121564 3)121547

Answer is A.

And another 4 questions on the arithmetic conversion like* is represented as +, - is represented as + and then solve it.

And 3 questions on puzzle type.

Out of 900 people 600 got selected for group interview.

Accenture recruitment process is different from others. We were grouped in. I, along 4 people, entered into panel. They make groups irrespective of branches you belong to. In my group there were 2 ECE, 2 CSC and 1 CIVIL people. They asked questions individually. They asked questions about:

- Our project and internship and few questions related to them.

- Challenges we faced in doing them.

- How did we use our practical knowledge for our personal purpose?

- What are our long term and short term goals?

- Do we want to be a team member or team leader?

- Have we ever led a team and what problems did we face and how did we face them

- Few core subject related questions.

They generally ask these questions to know what person you are, how did you apply your theoretical knowledge practically, to know whether you are flexible or not and to test your communication skills and for Accenture communication skills are very important.

I was done with my interview by afternoon itself and I felt like it was very quick. I was confident that I will be selected. Next day I came to know that I was selected and I felt very happy.

My final suggestions would be, “be confident” and maintain smile at all times.

Thank You