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Placement Paper :: Accenture

  • Accenture-pune, Sep, 2016
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First of all, I am happy that I have got selected for Accenture and I want to share my experience here since this is the best site to do so. Accenture was supposed to come to our college for placement. I thought of going for it so I started preparing for it by browsing for previous year’s questions from the internet. Aptitude test for Accenture is conducted by AMCAT. Solving previous AMCAT aptitude papers helped.

Day 1:
A team of 20 had come to our campus to deliver the pre-placement talk, it was very lively and interactive. The aptitude test started at around 1:30 pm.
It consisted of three sections:

1) Verbal Ability (20 questions - 25 min) ~ Easy
2) Quantitative Ability (25 questions - 35 min) ~ Moderately easy
3) Logical Ability (25 questions - 35 min) ~ Cakewalk

For quants, R.S. Aggarwal is enough. Reasoning and verbal don't need any books as you simply have to use your brain but still for practicing you can use this site as it is best for reasoning and verbal.

Following are the patterns of questions in each section:

1) Verbal Ability:

a. Sentence completion
b. Reading comprehension (if you get three RCs you will get through the first round)
c. Synonyms and antonyms

2) Quantitative Ability:

a. Logarithms (most important topic, for us there was 5 questions from this topic).
b. Number series, simple equations, simple interest and compound interest, average, ratio, mixture and allegation, permutation and combination, probability.

Also go through topics like time speed distance, trains, pipes and cistern (there was no question from these topics for us).

3) Logical Ability:

a. Coding and decoding, blood relation, etc.

I completed my aptitude test and at around 8 pm I got the message from Accenture that I got selected for the next round. I prepared my resume that day and also made a research on company backgrounds.

Next day we were having our interview round. We assembled at 8:30 am. During pre-placement talk, they told us that they will give us a topic on which we will have to speak and also that they will be conducting group interview of 5 candidates in one group. Ours was the last batch. We waited till 3 pm. In our panel, we had 2 people one technical and one HR. They asked us to introduce ourselves. The HR also asked each one of us a different situation based question. I was asked that what my hobbies are to which I replied reading novels to which she asked to tell her a novel I read that resembles my real life so I told that.

They also asked questions like:

- About project,
- Some simple technical questions
- Why Accenture?
- Are you comfortable working in IT?
- How do you explain IT for a small child of 10 years age?

The interviewers were so friendly and they made us so comfortable. My interview (our batch) went on for half an hour, results were announced the very evening!

Aptitude cleared: 230/350
HR cleared: 110/230

And I was one in them.

All the best, prepare well.