[Updated] Goldman Sachs Aptitude Test Questions and Answers
Practice List of TCS Digital Coding Questions !!!
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Placement Paper ::

  • paytm- Interview Experience Gurgaon
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Pre-test Screening:
A list of candidates eligible for the online coding round was shared. This was done on the basis of CGPA and Branch. Students with CGPA>=7.5 were shortlisted.

Round 1 (Online Coding Round):
Duration: 70 Minutes
Coding round conducted by: CoCubes

In this round we were given 3 coding questions to solve. My questions were as below
1. Removing duplicates from an unsorted linked list
2. Finding the lexicographic rank of a string
3. Permutating the elements of the array according to some other index array.

Round 2 (Technical Round 1):
As like other interview My Interview was started normally with question like introduction and the interview started asking me about my projects, my contribution, team etc.

Determining the length of the smallest substring which is having a maximum number of distinct characters. He asked me the approach, First I explained him brute force method later he asked me to optimise it.
He told me to open any online editor, I opened and started writing the solution I wasn’t able to get the complete solution but I told him the code I wrote he said ok.
You can get list of questions asked in paytm technical round at this link.

Round 3(Technical Round 2):
A simple recursive function to trace and print all the elements.
Given two unsorted linked lists. Merge them and in sorted order.
Given tree. Find if it is a BST.
Oops, and C++ concepts like abstract classes, virtual classes, virtual function, inheritance,
HTTP full form(Networking)
What is a Join? List its different types.
Explain ACID Properties in DBMS.
What are Constraints in SQL?
Do you have any questions for me?

HR Round (Final Round)
My Introduction.
Family Details.
What do you know about Paytm?
Why do you wanted to join Paytm?
Which type of organisation you like to work?
What are your work location preferences .