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  • Societe Generale-Societe Generale Interview Experience on Campus
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I applied through my university and the whole process took 1 day. I interviewed at Société Générale (New Delhi) in December 2019 for the post of a software developer. There are a few branches that were eligible for the interview. There were 5 rounds during the whole process.

1st Round: Online Test
The first round was an online test comprising of Aptitude, English and specialized inquiries like C, C++ yield alongside 2-3 questions each from Data Structures, Operating Systems, Databases and Computer Networks. Questions are of moderate level. 100 students were shortlisted from over 350 who appeared for the online test.

2nd Round: Group Discussion
This was a gathering conversation comprising 15-20 participants and one mediator. The subject given to us was – "Social effect of AI". I was not certain about my insight over this theme so I chose to begin the conversation from the restricted data I had. A significant point to note for Group Discussions is to keep in touch with all individuals from the gathering and be clear and exact about the point you are attempting to clarify. 25 students were shortlisted from four gatherings after this round. 4 students were chosen from my gathering.

3rd Round: Face-to-face Interview:
I began with a concise presentation about myself and my experience. The questioner got some information about any on-going activities. I disclosed to him about a Digital Image Processing venture that I am by and dealing with. At that point, the Interviewer introduced a coding question: "There is a book record that contains various numbers. My undertaking was to sort the numbers and disregard any number which happens more than once. Likewise, numbers just in the scope of 0-9 were to be considered. I gave him the standard arrangement by perusing components from a book document and afterward evacuated copies before arranging the numbers. At that point, a couple of HR questions were asked like For what valid reason Societe Generale, and so forth.

4th Round: Face-to-face Interview:
This meeting began with bunches of conversations over the job of innovation in the field of account and banking. He examined mine regarding my insight in the field of account. The meeting was really unclear and normal up until this point. At that point, the questioner gave me a genuine word circumstance. There were a couple of HR questions were asked and he clarified somewhat about the work culture at Societe Generale.

5th Round: HR Round:
This was the last round and I was again approached to clarify my Digital Image Processing venture. At that point the HR asked me doubts like – For what good reason would you like to join our organization, what do you wish to improve about yourself before venturing into the corporate world, and so forth.
Toward the end, 10 students were chosen for Full-Time Placement offers.