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Hi, I am Saaransh. I was recruited through campus placements and this is one of the wonderful interview experiences of my life. Societe General has visited my campus and the process begun with an online test. The entire recruitment process was really smooth and finished in just 2 days.

Societe Generale 1st Round Online Test

There are some basic questions from C and some aptitude questions. My test was good. I was waiting for the results that were announced the next day. I was qualified for the next round that was group discussion.

Societe Generale 2nd Round Group Discussion


In this round, there were groups of 6–7 people. You will be given an ongoing point or a general subject for the GD. I got 'Demonetization' as my subjects. I was prepared for this topic that gave my best opinion on this and qualified for the next round.

Societe Generale 3rd Round Technical Interview


I was posed a couple of fundamental inquiries about OOPs and some great applied identified with legacy. I was gotten some information about one of my undertakings. I was then inquired as to whether I was adaptable about the tech I would be taking a shot at. They, for the most part, need to check on the off chance that you will be a fit in the corporate world just after school.

Societe Generale Final Round HR Interview


I was asked questions like "Why SocGen?", higher investigations plan, and so forth. I was again solicited to clarify one from my activities. At long last, I was questioned as to whether I approved of any area (Bangalore or Chennai).

The Interviewer was extremely well disposed of. The meetings were short and to the point. I went directly to the HR meet after my Technical Interview. So the whole methodology is very quick. Results were declared around the same time after close to 60 minutes and I was qualified.

My experience was very good, I hope for the best future with Societe general.