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Placement Paper ::

  • Capgemini-DR. B.C.Roy engineering college on-campus drive at 23rd of September 2019
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The Capgemini Campus drive was held on the 23rd of September, and it was an on-campus drive. The first round consisted of 3 sections
(1) Quantitative
(2) Logical, and
(3) Essay writing.
The test was conducted through Cocubes.
The test was overall easy. In quants, questions were asked from topics like
Time and Work,
Profit and Loss,
Mixture and Alligation,
and the questions were overall simple. Logical questions were also simple, only you need to have time management.
There were about 16 aptitude questions and 16 logical questions. Hopefully, there was no negative marking.

Next was the essay writing round. I actually don't remember the exact line of my topic, but it was about sports and its importance. Now, for essay writing, do take special care when you are writing. Try to use simple lines. Do give punctuations wherever required. Most important, avoid using backspace. Do not be in a hurry, take time and try not to commit any errors while typing. So, the first round was over, and we had to wait for the names to get announced. Thankfully, my name got announced and I was selected for the next round which was the Technical round.

Technical Round:

For the technical round, the interviewer asked me below questions:
Introduce myself.
About my academic project like what is the project all about.
Why should anyone buy this project while there are several other available in the market and how many are working on it?
What is my experience in working on a group project?
What is my role in the project?
Then he asked me What is the meaning of leadership, and asked me to explain what kind of leadership qualities do I have.
How can I motivate any person, and I had to show him by giving an example. Yes, I know, it does sound more of an HR round, but he did ask me some technical questions after this like below:
What is the difference between RAM and ROM?
What are the different layers of OSI model that is a network?
What is a computer, hard-disk, database?
At last, he asked about my family like,
What do my father and mother do?
Whether I had any questionss for him, so I asked. Finally, I was over with the technical round and had to wait for the announcement. My name was announced and I was selected for the final round which was the HR round.

HR Round:

For the HR round, the interviewer's first question was
Introduce myself. While introducing I did mention time management as one of my qualities, so I was asked to describe it with an example.
The interviewer was also going through my 10th, 12th and semester grades, and she was actually impressed by my grades. She said that I had scored quite well.
Whether I had any problems regarding relocation and the 2-year bond. After answering this, I was finally over with the HR round.

The results were announced the next day. We actually received a mail from our college TPO for the selected students, and my name appeared in the list.