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Placement Paper ::

  • Cognizant-DR. B.C.Roy engineering college on-campus drive at 25th and 26th of September 2019
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CTS first round was conducted on the 25th and 26th of September. The test was taken through AMCAT, and there were a total of 4 sections-
(I) Aptitude,
(II) Verbal,
(III) Logical, and
(III) Automata fix.
Aptitude and Verbal questions were overall easy. You could get stuck on the passage part in Verbal. So, time management is important. Also, keep in mind that the test is being conducted through AMCAT, so there will be no switching in between the questions, not even between the sections.
It is compulsory for you to attempt that question. Hopefully, there will be no negative marking.
Moving on to the logical section, questions were OK but there could be 2 or 3 tricky ones too.
Automata questions were based on some codes in which there was some error in between them and you had to rectify and correct them and run them properly. There were about 7 questions in this section and I was able to run 5 programs. Try to run at least 3 to 4 codes properly to be on the safe side. The results for the first round got declared and I qualified the first round. The interview date was given on 26th October.
Technical Round Interview:

So, the interview date arrived and as it was a pool campusing, the venue was our college itself, and there were other college students too who had come for the campus drive. The first round was the Technical round. There were about 28 to 30 panels in the technical round. My name got called and I entered the room by wishing the interviewer a "Good Morning". He told me to introduce myself, then asked me on which project was I working on and what is my role in the project. I answered. Then he asked me in which programming language was I confident the most, and I answered Java.
Then he told me to write a simple program on "Hello World" in Java. After writing he asked me to explain each and every modifiers, keywords and methods that were used in the program. Then he asked me how to compile and run the program, what is the Java bytecode, JVM, multiple and multi-level inheritance in Java, Garbage Collection activity, and asked me to describe the different access specifiers that are used in Java. I was explained each and every question. Then he asked me few questions on Operating system, like define critical section, what is semaphore, difference between a process and a thread. I explained. Then he asked questions on Data Structure, like what is a binary tree, few questions on tree traversal, how to define a node in a linked list. I explained. At last, he gave a pattern and told me to write a program to print the pattern. However, it took time to apply the logic but in the end, I was able to print it. Then he asked me whether I had any question for the him. i did ask him a question.

To all the readers who are reading this, I suggest you please have a proper question to ask the interviewer in the end, and when he answers your question do listen to it carefully. So, my technical was over, and we had to wait for the names to get announced who all had cleared the technical round. Hopefully, my name was announced and I was through to the final round which was the HR round.

HR Round Interview:

For the HR round, there were about 10 to 12 panels. When I entered the room, the interviewer asked me to sit and asked me where was I from. Then he asked me who all are there in my family. I answered. He then asked me what does my father and elder brother do. I answered. Then he asked me what does an IT industry do, and what type of services CTS provides. I tried my best to answer this question. He then asked me to explain the different stages of software development. However, I did not know the answer to this and confidently said that I don't know, and before he went for the next question, I asked for the answer to this question, so he gave me. Then he asked me what are my extra-curricular activities in college. I answered. Finally, now I was over with the interview round.

So, now we actually had to wait for the results to get declared. Finally, the results got declared on 31st October, and we received a mail from the college TPO for the selected students, and thankfully my name got appeared!!

Now, for all the readers who are reading this, kindly prepare at least on 1 programming language. Do practice pattern printing questions. And apart from it be confident in what you say. If you don't know the answer to a question, just say that you don't know, but with confidence. If you have time and you are from CSE or IT background, go through subjects like DBMS, Networking, and OS. Practice SQL queries, at least the basic ones. Also, pay attention to your vocabulary and communication skills.