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  • capgemini-DR. B.C.Roy engineering college Durgapur 23 sep 2019 on-campus
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There was aptitude round.. 16 aptitude questions and 16 logical questions were there
.. Time was 50 mins..

After this round was over.. Essay writing round was there.. My topic was
practical learning vs theoretical learning. Time was 30 mins

You can practice Capgemini essay here

After that.. We were asked to wait for some time for the results.. Till then we were shown about Capgemini. Then after 1 hr results were declared.. I got selected..

Then, the technical round was there.. I went and the interviewer asked me to introduce myself... Then he asked about everything I have written in my cv.. Then, he asked me to write a code of even odd in java.. And asked about my family, and many more things like tell me the most difficult situation of your life.. Then tell me the moments where you have made your parents happy.. What success means to you..what were my hobbies..And then results were declared.. I was selected in technical round..

After that essay round was there.. The HR told me to introduce myself.. Then asked me about my hobbies.. I told teaching then she said to whom do you teach.. Then I told I write essays and solve aptitude for q4interview website.. Then she told on what topics have you written the essays.. I told many topics. Then she told me to tell essay on social media.. I said that.. After that asked me do you want this job then I said yes.. After that she asked do I have any problem in relocation. I said no.. Then she told about company.. Then it was over.. Now waiting for results.