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  • Hexaware Technologies-recruitment process interview experience august 2018
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Hi friends,
I have attended a recruitment drive by Hexaware recently. That was a pool campus drive conducted for three colleges at a time. Here are the details of the process held.
There were five rounds. (Yes, it is in fact a lengthy process for fresher interview)
First round was a written test. They outsourced this and hence Co-Cubes conducted this test.
There were three sections in the written test.
1. General Aptitude
2. Reasoning ability
3. Technical questions
General aptitude and reasoning sections were pretty easy. Anyone who is preparing for competitive exams can clear it without any much efforts.
Technical questions are mostly from programming concepts and little deep. So, one needs to brush up their technical skills to crack this round.
Those who are qualified in the written test were called for a group discussion. GD was as expected. The HR lady gave us a random topic and asked us to share our opinions individually. After that, she asked for a debate and then conclusion. If you are confident and shoot with strong communication skills, you crack this round with ease.
And after GD, we were called for a technical round. The panel gave a problem and asked me to write a program on that. After finishing, they asked me to explain the program and also few questions followed. And they checked my resume and asked few questions. This was not as tough as we expected.
After clearing the technical round, there was a HR round where the HR asked about myself, my commitment towards the company, and few general questions just like all HR rounds.
And the final is versant round where your English proficiency is tested. This was telephonic for us. Any B. Tech student can clear this.