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  • TCS-off-campus interview experience Oct 2018, Bangalore
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Hi all,
I have attended an off-campus interview at TCS, Bangalore. I would like to share my experience with the readers so that it would be helpful for anyone of you who is planning to attend TCS interview.
I got a call letter from TCS to attend the drive and I reached the venue on time. I am surprised to see a huge crowd already there who also are attending the drive. The securities checked for our IDs and then allowed us into the hall.
After waiting for some time, we were called for face to face interview. That covered both technical and managerial rounds at once.
I was asked to write program on swapping two variables without using temporary variable. Since this is a commonly asked program and I knew it very well, I wrote it. And then I was asked to write algorithm on merge sort. After that there are few questions on exception handling, compound interest and few from my project 5g technology. I answered all of them.
Then my profile was forwarded to the HR team and I was asked to wait for some more time. In the HR round, I was asked about FC Kohli (Founder and CEO of TCS till 1996) and few questions about TCS and why TCS. Then the HR explained the policies they follow at TCS and about the service bond agreement too. That’s it.
After 2 days, I received the offer letter from TCS.