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  • TCS-Ninja exam entire process college campus Chennai Experience 2nd September 2018
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Hi all,
I am studying B. tech CSE in Chennai and there was TCS Ninja exam conducted recently in our college. I applied and experienced it and I want to share it here with you all.
We were informed by our college placement cell about the drive and we applied immediately for it. The entire process has 2 rounds, Online written and Face to face interview.
Written test was conducted on 2nd September 2018 in our campus only. There were four sections which are mostly multiple choice questions and fill in the blanks.
English section is the easiest section to score high marks in TCS ninja test. All the questions in this section are fill in the blanks type questions with given multiple options. You have to select the correct one.
Quantitative aptitude sections consist of 20 questions and you are expected to finish this section within 40 minutes. More time is wasted in this section. There are questions like basic, intermediate and advanced levels. I left few of the advanced questions.
Programming concepts section covers all basics in data structures, c language and some general technical concepts. There are 10 questions and the time given is 20 minutes. This section was better than the previous one. I was able to solve all of them.
Coding section has only one question and you are given 20 minutes of time. The question I got was easy. It was about string manipulation. But I couldn’t touch the test cases.
After 2 weeks, they released our written test results and I was one of them who cleared it.
Next is Face to face Interview which happened on 05 Oct 2018. It was a skype interview and there are two persons in the panel, one is technical and the other is HR.
I was asked to introduce myself. I started with my educational background. After done with the introduction part, they asked me what my favorite subject in this semester is. When I said its Data Structures, they immediately asked me to write a program to traverse in linked lists. After done with it, they asked me to explain the program. Then they shot some questions on arrays, pointers, variables and programming concepts. There were questions from my final year project too. And then they started testing my database skills by questions on SQL queries.
After the technical questions are done, HR asked few questions about TCS like why TCS and some regular HR questions.
And on 9th October 2018, I got a mail from TCS that I was selected. I am so happy to get this mail as this was my dream.