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  • Wipro-Kolkata,March 8,2016
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Sudhir Kumar Roy from Asansol Engineering College.

Hello guys. Today I share you my experience on Wipro. I applied off campus and after we have to come for test. I gave test from Nagpur due to some family issue. Apti round basically from AMCAT.

There are 3 section. Quant, Verbal, and Logical. All 3 round consist of 16 question each. After qualifying this round, a new screen were opened and that is for automata test. That means programming test. 2 questions are there. I solved one. The result were out around 2 week and I was selected. We had to come for next round that is Technical + HR. They call us at Pune. In technical round, they deeply go inside your resume and ask whatever your subject choice of written on that. I answered all of the question. Basic question like Polymorphism, Inheritance, Socket, etc.

Last round were HR round. This is the most difficult round in Wipro. Guys I want to tell you. Never behave or treat like you beg or eager for job. They will not select you. Only one HR asked me about myself. They talk me like a friend. After completing HR round. HR said, "Chalega" means you will select.

2 weeks later, they sent us mail. In mail, they written like "we are regret as you are not qualify" that means I was not selected. That was the worst moment of my life because all round were cleared well then why there were not select me. That's the big question. Hope, after reading this you will feel nervous but don't. You are not unlucky like me. So, prepare well specially for HR Round. Thank you