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Capgemini came to TICT on 11th September 2017. They allowed students from all streams including ME, CVL, EE with 60% throughout and no active backlog to sit.

The whole process had 4 rounds:

1) Aptitude and Essay.
2) Technical MC Quizzes .
3) Eechnical Interview.
4) HR Interview.

Aptitude and Essay Round

The aptitude was based on standard quantitative and logical reasoning questions,32 each for a total 50 minutes time. Only one essay questions with max no. of words 240 and min. 200 for 30 minutes time.

This round is taken by CoCubes on behalf of Capgemini. The cutoff was high to eliminate students. The exam works in slots where you have to enter a pass key in order to give the exam and the results are declared pass key wise. My slot and I had a very bad experience with this since they didn’t declare the result for our slot and when we raised the issue with the Cocubes people they said the whole slot did very bad in their essays and all got zero.

We obviously didn’t believe them since it is not possible that all 54 people in the slot got zero. We asked our Training and Placement Officer to look into the matter. CoCubes did everything they could not to help us and check things out. Finally, our TPO sir went to the Capgemini recruitment head.The Capgemini teams asked CoCubes for screenshots of our tests. They reviewed it and then 17 out of 54 people got selected for the next round.

Technical MCQ Round

The technical MCQ was very tough for us, though for my friends in other slots it was quite easy. Many people from our slot got rejected.The questions were conceptual, output based. You had to have enough coding experience to skim through a code to get the idea of what it did since you won’t have time to dry run the program. You also need to have a general idea of standard questions like Armstrong number, perfect number etc. Since they trick us with those pseudo codes.

Technical Interview Round

The Technical Interview round was moderate.First, they ask you to tell about yourself. They check your CV thoroughly and ask you from there. Don’t lie on your CV, you must be prepared to answer anything and everything related to what you have put in your CV. They asked questions from DBMS, Algorithms, Software Engineering and the subjects that you have put on your CV. Some of my friends were asked about Collection Framework of Java and other tough questions.

They also ask HR questions in this round too. Questions like “Why should I hire you?”, What will you do for the company? etc.

HR Interview Round

The HR round was more of a formality. Though if the Technical Interview was not too great, you will get grilled. But if your Technical was great then they will just chat with you.

All of us who cleared Technical got selected.

My Advice: Show confidence, even if you don’t feel like it. Keep eye contact always. From my experience also be very careful about your selection process. If you feel that some problem has occurred like for my case ask your TPO immediately and don’t give up.

I got the job but if I had gone home after not hearing my name after Aptitude test, then I would have regretted it.

Best of Luck!