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Placement Paper :: TCS

  • TCS Placement Process and Experience-SAI RAM ENGINEERING COLLEGE, oct,2017
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Recruiting process is carried out in 2 rounds.

Duration is 1 hour 30 minutes.

1. Written round:

--It consists of 4 parts:

1. Aptitude (20 questions, 40 minutes).
2. Email writing (10 minutes).
3. Technical mcqs (10 questions, 20 minutes).
4. Coding part (1 coding question, 20 minutes).

In aptitude and technical mcqs correct answer carries 1 mark and wrong answer carries 0.33 negative mark.

Important note :- There are 2 star mark questions in aptitude and mcqs, which carries 2 mark and wrong answer carries 0.66 negative mark.

2. Interview round.

TR, MR, HR all are in a single round.

Interview panel consists of 3 members (1 for MR, 1 for HR, 1 for TR).

My experience:

I have exempted for aptitude test.

I have cleared 1st round.

Written round is easy if you are good in coding and basics of c.

- Email you have to practice.

- Out of 10 mcqs you can answer at least 6 questions (basic C questions).

- Basic code on arguments is given.

Next day they called for an interview in our campus itself.

TR questions they have asked are:

(I am from ECE so, they concentrate more on my core subjects.

1. Difference between processor and controller?

2. Difference between vlsi, vhdl and c programming.

3. 8*1 mux in vhdl code.

4. Difference between architecture and entity.

5. Difference between flip-flop and latch.

6. More questions on my project.

HR questions:

1. He gave me one situation to solve.

2. He asked What is TCS, why TCS and about tata group companies.

Finally my interview took 35 minutes and got selected.