[Updated] Goldman Sachs Aptitude Test Questions and Answers
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  • TCS-jaipur oct 4,2017
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I am going to describe the full procedure here.

So from this year TCS is having 4 initial rounds - email, quantitative apti, C language apti and coding round.

Email - As you all know you will be given a time limit of 10mins and the topic with some phrases or words will be given u have to construct an email. The optimum word count is between 70 and 80. Don't forget to sign the email with the given name. Try to be sequential with the words and phrases given.

Quantitative:- 20 questions 40mins. 18 general questions and 2 star questions(carry more marks). topics- permutation, probability, ratio, mixture, time and work, time and distance, series, mensuration, percentage, problems on trains and boats and streams. cover all these topics. they give some tricky questions also. negative marking is present here 3 wrong ans = -1 mark. try to attempt at least 17 18 questions.

C apti:- topics:- pointers, operators, dynamic memory allocation, outputs,
10 questions 20 mins. 8 general 2 star marked questions.

Static int i;
Int j;
i= i+2;
i = i-j;
Return 0;

Coding:- Basics of C programming using COMMAND LINE ARGUMENTS.

Also practice the codes of some basic math functions sqrt. string functions strrev like that.
20mins programming time. They wont show you the output they will just say compiled successfully with all the test cases. If your program ran then you are on the safe side.

Example:- 1. Write a program using command line arguments to input a number N and check whether it is a Prime Number or not. If the number is prime print the square root of the number up to two decimal places and if the number is not prime print 0.00

2. Write a program using command line argument to input a word and check whether it is palindrome or not.

That's all from this section.
Apti results were out at 4am next morning. Well I got selected.

Interview Round:
I gave DS, DBMS, and Software Engineering and in language C and Java.
Interview Round.

First of all they asked me about my proficiency.
me:- C and Java.
Then they asked me everything from java and only 2 questions from software Eng. Dont let them beat you in your own profficient subject or language. Please dont lie. Just be confident and polite with a little smile. English fluency is necessary. and the most important is PROJECT. They will ask you for sure.
Hr round.

You must have some knowledge about tcs about their projects ceo, md etc.

Try to give answer where you can say to develop yourself in the most important thing. They may stress you. Don't panic just be confident whatever happens.

Results were declared that night only and I got selected in TCS.

Thank you guys, that's all. All the best for your preparation and the coming interviews.
Arnab De, NSEC.