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  • Infosys-Bhubaneswar 16/09/2017
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I'm an ex student of this college. My brother prepared for more than 1 month. Infosys came to my college on October 11th. They had their first round that day. First round was pretty easy. Infosys selected 74 out of 475+ students. Then the next day we had our final interview. In the beginning it was very easy. They were only checking for our communication skills. Questions were like.

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Tell me about your hobbies.
3. Tell me about your parents.
4. Tell me about your project.
5. How strong are you in programming?
6. How much do you know about programming?

For some they asked very basic C programs.

Again my college management pulled the students who completed their interview and asked them to explain what questions they were asked. Infosys people instructed the students not to interact with the ones who are waiting for the interview. The interview round really difficult for everyone. Only CSE & IT students were able to manage that. Out of 74 only 47 got placed. Even now I wonder if that was really Infosys. Because they were digging very deep into technical. And also they did not ask 'Do you've any questions for us?' before leaving the panel. There was a rejection panel too in which my brother got rejected.

So friends I advice you all to attend off campus placements. Because of management's mistake my brother got rejected. He has very strong communication skills and has a good academic score. He has a strong profile and is a confident person. He's one of the most eligible candidates to get into a top MNC. If they had checked for his communication he would've definitely got selected.