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  • Sensiple-Placement paper and Interview experience Chennai
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My profile was shortlisted through naukri.com.
It took two days to complete the selection profile.
The process had 6 rounds in total.
Round - 1 (Technical Interview)
The questions were based on the programming skills mentioned in the resume.
Q) Listing all the data of a specific table.
A) SELECT * FROM EMP;//EMP--Table Name
Q) Display the second most salary from the EMPLOYEE table.
A) SELECT name, MAX(salary) AS salary FROM employee WHERE salary < (SELECT MAX(salary) FROM employee);
Q) Difference between HTML5 and HTML(v1-v4).
A) HTML has been introduced to accomadate better video and audio feature tags to the language.
Some questions on Java and sorting techniques.

Round - 2 (Technical Interview with Team Leader)
Some questions on my project and why do you want to join here.

Round - 3 (HR Interview)
This was done to check stability, how long would I be working and staying in the organization.
The questions were Run me through your resume and tell me your strengths and weaknesses.

Round - 4 (Aptitude, Logical reasoning and Verbal Reasoning)
Aptitude had 15 questions starting from trains, calendars, boats and streams, work.
Logical reasoning had 10 questions with number series, blood relations.
And for Verbal Reasoning the topic was Current Scenario of politics in India.

Round - 5 (Extempore)
A 2 minute talk on Affects of GST.

Round - 6 (A meet with the COO)
This was the last round and took place on the second day.
He asked about my education and family background.