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  • Radisys-Internship placement paper and process, Bangalore
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I applied for an internship through consulting in Bangalore. It was one day process.
First written round happen, In that 25 question you have to answer in 60 min. There were no negative marking. So I attempted all the questions.
In written round questions were included from aptitude, C programming, Operating System, Networking.
In aptitude question were mostly from Data Sufficiency topics are like (ratio Proportion, Problem on Train, Distance & Speed, Average, Profit & loss etc.)
Technical question from C programming, operating system, networking was not straight but easy. Go through the Q4Interview & Indiabix MCQ for these, it really helps me lot.

After the written, I went for lunch and next technical round followed by HR Round happen.

In technical round question were like Introduce yourself, about the academic project,
How would you rate yourself in C?
Have you used volatile keyword,
Why do you want to join Radisys?
Some question were from about process and threads.
And he asked me to write three programs in JAVA. Reverse string, insert a node after matching in SLL, and Traverse the binary tree in sorted order.

I wrote 2 programs correctly and one partially corrected. Some question from OOPs concepts, networking, what are the class of IP address, what is ARP and mac address?

In HR round about myself, hobbies, about family,
What made you apply for this position?
What are your weaknesses?