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Placement Paper :: Juniper Network

  • Juniper Network-Placement paper for internship, Bangalore
Total View : 1.55K
I am B.Tech CS final year student. Juniper visited our campus for Internship at month of November 16.
They selected Total 12 students from our campus.
Juniper Written round include mostly 3 round, Written round will be for 90 min
In that total 39 questions student have to solve. This test will be conducted on hackerrank platform.
1. Aptitude questions (15)
2. Technical questions (20)
3. Coding questions (4)

Level for aptitude questions were moderate, but little practice is enough to crack this round.
Technical MCQ questions, include basic concepts of C/C++, operating system & networking.
Literally level of this round question was hard.

The below question asked in Coding, clear instruction were given for each question.
You need to read it carefully as for some program you need to write it in either java or c, and few program you have to code it in only in c or only in JAVA.
For this round you should know java and c very well.
1. Write a program to merge two sorted array.
2. Write a function to test if the given set of brackets are balanced or not.
E.g. {{}}{)([][]
3. Write a function to find the permutation of given string.
4. Write a function to convert first letter of matching string to capital letter.
Input: This chain applies to packets received via a network interface.
Matching String: packets.
Output: This chain applies to Packets received via a network interface.

From written round 20 were shortlisted out of 150 people. Unfortunately I was not one of them…??

There were two technical round followed by HR round. Finally 12 student were selected from our college.