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Placement Paper :: Acuvate Software

  • Acuvate Software-18th May 2017 at SVCE(sri venkateswara college of engineering bangalore)
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Interview Pattern:

There are 4 rounds:
1>GD(some topics is :creativity,Women vs Men,Which one is Your favorite player(rohit Sharma or virat kohli),Government job Vs Private Job etc).
read about company because he will ask you about company in GD.
2>Aptitude Test(there are 4 section)
i)Verbal(10 questions).
ii)Quantitative(5 questions).
iii)SQL(10 questions).
iv)c#(10 questions).
cut off mark =17(it can be vary).
3>1st round of Technical interview questions(i am sharing my own experience)
1. Tell me about your self.
2. Explain yourself in one word.
3. what version of .net framework is used by you in your project.
4. On which language you build your project.both front-end and back-end.
5. How to connect your project to Database,write connection.
6. What is Data Adapter,How to fill Data in data adapter.
7. What is primary key,can we make any table with two primary key if no then why?
8. What is join and how many types of join.
9. WAQ to select top 5 salary earner.
10.Some query on join.
no. of question answered by me = 7
Got selected.
4>Managerial round
1.Tell me about your self.
2.Tell me more about your project.
3.How to create your project table. write query.
4.what is inheritance?
5.what is your future ambition.