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Tech Mahindra Latest recruitment process:
1) Online English and Aptitude
2) Online Essay
3) Technical Interview and
4) HR Interview.
This is one of the main rounds in the process. Maximum elimination happens over here (out of around 200 students who sat only 49 cleared it).

Total questions: 130
No. of sections: 7 (3 Eng, 1 Quants, 3 Verbal/Reasoning)

Questions/sections: Eng 1 - 25, Eng 2 - 35, Eng Comprehension - 10, Quants - 15 , Verbal - 35 , Verbal Paragraph - 5 , Verbal figures - 5

Marking: +1 for correct answer. No negative marking so don't leave any questions. Go for option C when you don't know an answer, it's a trick that helps.

Total Time - 80 mins.

ONLINE ESSAY WRITING: This is another elimination round, but it's less compared to the previous. You have to write an essay on the topic given in 200 words (1000 characters, do bring that count to 0) in 10 mins. They actually want to know how quickly can you think about a topic, grammar knowledge and typing speed too. Once its done you have to submit it and then wait for the result. Topic can be anything like 'Social Networking', 'Father or Mother - who is a better parent?'. My topic was 'End justifies Means - your view'.Out of 49, 46 cleared the round. Those who couldn't was due to unfinished essay.

3. TECHNICAL INTERVIEW: This is the MOST important round. If this goes well, you will be quite sure of your chances. There was two persons in the panel.
One asked me programming languages.
I told C,
so he asked many questions.
Mostly basic and conceptual questions.
Few elementary programming like swapping, palindrome no., Armstrong no., etc. If you don't know anything, just say 'NO', don't try to fool them, you will be in great problem.
Another person asked me from my own domain.
i.e. ECE. Basics of electronics.
Then my previous projects and the final year project.
Then he asked me my favourite subject from ECE.
Tell the one you are actually confident;
you can answer even the difficult questions partially.
It will take anything from 20 to 40 minutes time.