[Updated] Goldman Sachs Aptitude Test Questions and Answers
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  • Tech Mahindra-bangalore-december-2016-ECE
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Tech Mahindra hiring process.

1)online rest
2)essay writing
The first two rounds can be cleared easily if you have good grip on your vocabulary and basics of aptitude in speed/distance l,profit/loss,percentages,averages,ages etc., It will be very easy if you practice well...
The essay test is also easy if you have the presence of mind as they will explain themselves in the pre-placement talk that in this round they will concentrate more on your writing skills rather than the content written......
It will be helpful if you can attend the pre-placement talk....
This one was the easiest of the lot.
The only trick here is to talk a lot.
Even if you can answer the question easily in one sentence, try to elongate as much as possible as it cuts down the time for other questions.This trick worked wonders for me.
The questions asked were
1) tell me about yourself?
If you can nail this question then its almost done.Take as much time as you want and be very clear while you speak.
2) Out of 5, how much would you rate yourself in JAVA????
I am a ECE guy. But i was very confident in java so my answer was something like this
"For a fresher i would rate 4.
The reason why i would not rate 5 is because no matter how much you know,there is always scope for improvement".
3) What are collections???
I guess this question arised as i rated myself 4 and he just wanted to know if i deserve such high a rating or was i just bluffing.since i was prepared it was not a problem.
Even though i could have answered it in a single line, i gave a long answer by explaining all,like why the collections framework were developed and all.
4) what is vector??
I again gave a long answer.
I was doing it on purpose as i didnt want to direct the interviewer to go into my core subjects as i wasnt very confident about them.
And it worked.
That was all he asked and said that he is done with the interview and i can proceed to the next round.
Just be confident and answer within your limits.
just keep smiling and be ready to answer anything with honesty.
If you are from a non IT branch then you should have a reasonable answer as per why you want to shift to IT.
Remember this round is as important as others and be careful as a guy got rejected in HR round too.