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GlobalEdge is a product engineering company, constantly designing and defining the behavior of objects and things around us. We induce intelligence in everything possible to make global enterprises smarter in a new connected world. Headquartered in Bengaluru, we deliver cutting edge solutions to companies in the automotive, industrial automation, telecommunications, and consumer electronics industries. With our proprietary combination of platform, connectivity, and cloud engineering technologies, GlobalEdge has evolved as a Chip-to-Cloud partner to enterprises across the globe.

The selection process of the GlobalEdge consists of 5 Rounds. These rounds are as follows:

  • Online Test

  • Programming Round

  • First Technical Round

  • Second Managerial Technical Round

  • HR Round

 (Online Test) Section Name

 Total Questions (50)

 Marks/Negative Marks

 Time Limit

 Quantitative Ability

25 or 20


65 Min.

C Language

13 or 15



12 or 15


 Programming Round





Paper Pencil Based Programming Round: Shortlisted candidates from first round (Aptitude) will allowed for Coding Round.In this round candidates have to write logic for 5 Programs, the questions in the coding round are moderate. As this Round is also an elimination round. So Candidates need to practice for this round. If you don;t know the exact code atleast try, don't leave blank

First/Second Technical Round: Technical Round Question will cover mostly question from C (Important Topics: Storage Class, Bitwise Operator, Preprocessor, Pointer, Structure, Union, Recusion, Array,String ), Data Structure (Important Topics: Stack, Queue, Linked List) OS concept. Some question will be from your Acadimic Project and Resume

HR Round: This round is particularly to check on your communication, how long you are going to stay with the company, your confidence, also whether you as a person fit in their organization or not. This round includes questions like, Tell us/me about yourself, about your friends and weakness, where do you see yourself in 5 or some years and such more, also, keep in mind that sometimes the HR and Technical rounds may be clubbed together and there may be more than one interviewer, this only means that more question in one round and nothing else for you and just answer with confidence and self-consciousness.

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