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    Chameleons go on a date

    On an island live 13 purple, 15 yellow and 17 maroon chameleons. When
    two chameleons of different colors meet, they both change into the third
    color. Is there a sequence of pairwise meetings after which all
    chameleons have the same color?

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    The Man in the Elevator

    A man lives on the tenth floor of a building. Every day he takes the
    elevator to go down to the ground floor to go to work or to go shopping.
    When he returns he takes the elevator to the seventh floor and walks up
    the stairs to reach his apartment on the tenth floor. On a rainy day,
    or if there are other people in the elevator, he goes to his floor
    directly. He hates walking so why does he do it?

    This is probably the best known and most celebrated of all lateral
    thinking puzzles. It is a true classic. Although there are many possible
    solutions which fit the initial conditions, only the canonical answer
    is truly satisfying.