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 Adobe Practice Set

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    Murder Crime Riddle

    A dead body is found at the bottom of a multistory building. Seeing the position of the body it is evident that the person jumped off from one of the floors for attempting suicide.

    A homicide detective is called to look after the case. He goes to the first floor and walks in the room facing the direction in which the body was found. He opens the window in that direction and flips a coin towards the floor.

    Then he goes to the second floor and repeats the process. He keeps on doing it till the last floor. Then, when he climbs down, he tells the team that it is a murder, not suicide.

    How did he come to know that it was a murder?

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    Suppose you are sitting in an interview and the interviewee asks you an aptitude question.

    You have three buckets with capacity 4 liters, 8 liters, and 10 liters and you have a large tank of water. Now you have to measure 3 liters of water precisely using those buckets. How will you do it?

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    Hard Calendar Puzzle

    A contest is held on an international level in December 2013. The finale of it is between an American and a British kid. Only name and date have to be mentioned in the paper for checking purpose. But when the checkers check it, they find out that both of them have the same names. The papers cannot be told apart in any manner now.

    What is the date of competition ?

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    In a holy town, three temples sit in a row identical in almost every manner including a holy well in front of them. A pilgrim comes to visit the temples with some flowers in his basket.
    At the first temple, he takes some water from the holy well and sprinkles it on the flowers to wash them. To his astonishment, the number of flowers in his basket doubles up. He offers a few of them at the temple and turns back to visit the second temple.
    At the second temple, he again takes some water from the holy well and sprinkles it on the flowers to wash them. Again the number of flowers double up in number. He offers some of them at the temple and turns back to visit the third temple.
    At the third temple, he repeats the process again and the number of flowers doubles up yet again. He offers all the flowers in the third temple.

    Now, the pilgrim offered exactly the same number of flowers in all the temples. Can you find out the minimum number of flowers he must have had initially? How many flowers did he offer to god in each of the three temples?