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C Programming :: Dynamic Memory Allocation

1. What will print out?

void main()
char *p1="name";
char *p2;
memset (p2, 0, 20);
while(*p2++ = *p1++);

Answer: Option B

Explanation :

In the given question expression while(*p2++ = *p1++); loop is evaluating the expression: *p2++ = *p1++. The while loop expression *p2 = *p1 is evaluated using the result of *p1. However, this value is still assigned to *p2 even if the expression evaluates as false or (0).

As in each step p1 and p2 address is incremented, when while loop terminated y that time p1 and p2 will point to null. so that when p2 printed blank printed. even p1 will too print blank (empty string)

Asked In :: BOA (Bank of America)

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