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1. Based on the given passage find out which of the following statements can be inferred from the passage.

Of all the fitness and wellness activities in India, Artisitic yoga is the new kind in town. It has successfully earned a pat on the back from whosoever has lent an ear to the latest advancements.Artistic yoga combines the suaveness of yoga and frenzy of modern cardio vascular exercises.The technique involves performance of various aasanas and pranayams followed by walking on treadmill, stair climbing, cycling and so on. The activities are performed in a cyclic order and the aasana or pranayam that is done in the beginning is repeated in the end. This helps an individual at the physical level as well as mental and spiritual level, thus helping bring about a complete transformation of body, mind and soul.

Answer: Option C

Explanation :

There is no Explanation for this Answer.

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