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Based on the following passage find out which of the statement can be inferred from the passage.

The world production of sugar has been reported to be very scarce as compared to the global scales of four years. The demand for sugar is extremely high but the supply has been low for quite some time now. This could be because some chief sugar growers have switched to high priced jute. The price of sugar has soared in response to the phenomena of the demand supply disparity.The price of sugar now equals that of jute.

ASugar production is profitable only when the price of sugar is as high as that, that of jute

BThe sugar growers who had shifted to the higher price jute, will now move to producing sugar

CDemand for jute was higher than the demand for sugar, which made sugar growers shift their production

DIf there continues to be a shortfall in the production of sugar, the price of sugar may even exceed that of jute

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