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Arithmetic Aptitude :: Decimal Fraction

5. In a library there are 5 computer cluster open for public use.Each computer cluster consist 33 laptop, in first week 75 laptop are used, in second week 155 laptop used ,in third week 30 laptop and in fourth week 160 laptop used. What fraction of library computer are in used in month?

Answer: Option C

Explanation :

Given computer xluster open for public = 5
So, Total laptops = 33*5=165
In first week used 75 menas 75 out of 165=75/165=15/33
2nd week 155/165=31/33
3rd week 30/165=6/33
4th week 160/165=32/33
So. Total no of laptops used=(15+6+31+32)/33=88
Fraction of library computer are in used = (88/33)*1/4=2/3

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