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Arithmetic Aptitude :: Time and Work

5. P, Q and R are three typists who working simultaneously can type 216 pages in 4 hours. In one hour, R can type as many pages more than Q as Q can type more than P. During a period of five hours, R can type as many pages as P can during seven hours. How many pages does each of them type per hour ?

Answer: Option C

Explanation :

Let's the number of pages typed in one hour by P, Q and R be p, q and r respectively. Then,

P,Q and R typed page in 1 hrs = 216/4
=> p + q + r = 216/4
=> p + q + r = 54 ...(i)

r - q = q - p => 2p = q + r ...(ii)

5r = 7p => p = 5/7 r ...(iii)

By Solving above (i), (ii) and (iii) equations
=> p = 15, q = 18, q = 21

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