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Arithmetic Aptitude :: Problems on Trains

2. The two trains of lengths 400m, 600m respectively, running at same directions. The faster train can Cross the slower train in 180sec, the speed of the slower train is 48km. then find the speed of the Faster train?

Answer: Option D

Explanation :

Length of the two trains = 600m + 400m = 1000m

Let's Assume Speed of the first train = x kmph

Speed of the second train= 48 Kmph

So Relative Speed = (x - 48) kmph =((x -48) * 5/18) m/sec

1000/((x -48) * 5/18) = 180

18000/(5x - 240) = 180

100 = 5X - 240

=> 5x = 340 => x = 68 kmph

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