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Is Facebook Evil or not?

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Ruchi Shrivastava said:Mon, September 11, 2017, 12:03:17 am

Every coin has to faces, good or bad.So Facebook has. But as always said every invention has its own pros and cons.

        How can one judge the positive sides of the popular social media platform. There are various reasons which proves that it is best social media atmosphere. Today we can connect to any person on this planet through Facebook and too with our old friends as looking them after a long time brings smile on our faces and nostalgia comes around. There are lots of information providing pages as TheBetterIndia, Some Amazing Facts, etc. and Facebook pages of every other news channel which are more interactive than reading newspaper and getting mind full of knowledge. Facebook also provide multimedia support which is the biggest advantage for public and businessmen nowadays.Various ventures and small or big business promote themselves through Facebook which is the biggest boom.

        When there are pros, there are also some cons. Various anti-social organisations creates rampage in society by posting some really revenge taking contents. Some people misuse the personal details of someone and try to ruin their social reputation by making their fake accounts. But the most serious problem now-a-days is the young generation gets too addicted to Facebook and use it for long hours wasting their time which they should spend in their career making.

    So the conclusion is that neither it is evil nor it is good for us if we misuse it.It all depend on us how we are making use of it.



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Rahul said:Mon, September 11, 2017, 12:02:39 am

   Facebook is not evil. It's a platform which allows friends to connect over the internet when they are far apart, share their moments, experiences with each other in arather interactive manner with the new additions to the platform. Also enables us to see and interact with new people in the nation and around the world with their permission. So, first off, Facebook is a website and not a person and, thus, cannot be evil. Second off, no, I don't think the people behind it are evil. They want money and I really can't blame them for most of what they did, considering what they have. You can dislike them, but jeez, they're really not evil.

    It will be a very fun stuff and exciting in the start. But later on it would develop as  hobby which I would term this state as an "Anti - Hobby" where we would be spending our most of the time which will result in just stagnation of mind and reducing adrenaline levels.
 How ever the pros are, whenever we are joining new in some institution it would help all of us to connect easily and any source of information to be passed can be conveyed easily. 

 No, Facebook isn't evil. Everything that matters depends on how you use.

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